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EY Centre Greg Rankie

Greg Rankie


Greg Rankie joins the EY Centre with a diverse culinary palate and experience. His culinary background extends from some of Ottawa’s finest restaurants, including Lago, to his most recent endeavor as Culinary Director of The Beaver and Bulldog’s four locations in the Toronto area.

Greg is a local with a passion to push the limits of the local culinary scene. He believes in using seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients. In his spare time, he has a hand in raising beef cattle on his own farm, as well as growing a variety of crops.

The EY Centre is proud to showcase the culinary panache and commitment to excellence. Here at the EY Centre we pride ourselves with high culinary standards with the use of seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients. Our guests are treated to the culinary uniqueness and remarkable service whether joining us for a small private function, memorable weddings or large galas.